Gin Bar at the Granary Bar

Gin Bar at the Granary Bar

The Gin Bar at the Granary Bar is one of the Northern Regions best Gin Bars. With over 60 gins to choose from and growing all the time, the Gin Bar at the Granary showcases the best Gins from around the world and Ireland too with such gins as Co. Down’s own, award winning, Shortcross Gin to Monkey 47 Gin from Germany to Berkley Square Gin from London to name but a few.
With our own dedicated Gin Expert on hand to guide you through the Gin world and all the tastes that go with it, you will have a “Gin-tastic” time at the Gin Bar in the Granary.

Our Gin Menu



The World's best selling Gin.  The recipe is a closely guarded secret but we know that it contains Coriander Seed, Orange and Lemon Peel gives it a dry and citrus flavour which is distinctive from other Gins.  Ideal serve, Serve with a wedge of Lemon


Tanqueray Gin first launched in 1830.  The Key botanicals are Juniper Coriander and Angelic Root.  A high quality Gin. 

 Tanqueray 10

 Named after the still Number of its Origins No Ten is homage to the passion and attention to detail that Charles Tanqueray stood for. 

  Hendricks Gin 

 This is a Scottish Gin which is well known for changing the presentation of the G&T Hendricks uses Bulgarian Rose and Cucumber to add flavour. 

Edinburgh Gin

A classic Gin with a citrus nose, a subtle note of heather & burst of juniper. 

Edinburgh Elderflower Gin 

 Classic Edinburgh Gin infused with freshly picked elderflower. 

 Edinburgh Gin Raspberry Liqueur 

Handmade in small batches using Edinburgh Gin with the finest Perth shire raspberries

 Shortcross Gin 

Northern Ireland's first craft Gin.  A smooth but complex Gin with uplifting aromas of summer meadows with wild berries & Irish Clover.  

 Jaw Box Belfast Cut Gin 

 A classic dry Gin which is harvested & bottled by hand on one estate

 Gunpowder Irish Gin 

 A slow distilled Gin with nature's finest oriental botanicals and Gunpowder tea

 Blackwater Wexford Gin 

Strawberry infused Gin with Wexford grown Strawberreis which lend their summary scent and colour, Enjoy this limited edition.

 Black Water Juniper Cask Gin 

 Rested in casks made from Juniper wood and aged for at least 30 days giving it a beautiful copper colour.  

Malfy Con Limone

Perfectly paired with London Essence Pomelo & Pink Pepper Tonic.


Perfectly paired with Classic Lodon Essence Tonic.



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